Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Death - Depression - & a PIF

Hello loveies, sorry about the horrid post title but well alot has been going on in my little northern terrace house this past month. We have had two very unexpected and suddern deaths in our family and it took its toll on all of us, so it was a very sorry time and we are all just about getting back to the norm now. Depression? well that will be me, i will tell you all a little story about our life, .. my son is now 10 and he is very precious to me, well us all i mean, but we could not conceive naturally and so my son was born by using a donor, for years we have wanted to expand our family but something has always come in the way, and so the years pass but still the burning need to have more children is in my mind, i forget about it for a while because i have to and then it comes back again...badly... so here we are again, and my worry is my son is now 10, im 33, and my periods are only here for a day ot two, which may be due to stress or something else. We do not qualify within the NHS for any treatment help so it comes down to the fact of us paying, and its alot of money to find, time and time again if it doesnt work- we just dont have the funds. Dont get me wrong i have my son, and its the world, but for him to have a brother or sister would be amazing and complete our family...hope i haven't bored you all? but hey ho, thats my little depression thingie at the moment.. And on to happier things a PIF Here are the rules: - i make a handmade gift for the first 3 people to comment - i have 365 days in which to send you the gift - the gift will be a total surprise - you keep this going by posting pay it forward on your blog Now then i have been working on some vintage sheet bunting, wooden shabby chic xmas signs, babushkas, lavender sachets and more so if you lik these type of things then please go ahead and leave a comment :) Much love Mantha xx