Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bloggy Birthday ..1 today ..

Well i have only just realsied that it is 1 year today that i started this blog.. now then i haven't been that great at posting of late due to many things but i am going to be more bloggy friendly from now on :) ..

Have a great evening everyone
Mantha xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day :)

Good evening my bloggy friends .. first an apology, i was supposed to post a couple of weeks ago but my Internet has been down and what with the school half term and all the other problems i couldn't get on, since going wireless Mr Virgin Hub he has been very naughty indeed!! Anyways... thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishes for us at number 59 it really means allot, we have our appointments through and 'touch wood' both of us are feeling a little brighter :)

So pancake day is here, we love pancakes here, well LM and me do OH doesn't like them.. that seems very strange to me, i thought everyone loved pancakes lol ...

It was pancakes sprinkled with sugar, lemon, cream and sliced bananas for breakfast for the LM this morning and pancakes with sugar, lemon, cream and sprinkles for desert this evening yummy ..

Ive just had two with a cup of tea and really did enjoy them. LM and OH are upstairs playing so up went two hot chocolates before bed :) while mummy has a little time out down stairs :)

Now off to watch You Tube and try my hand at knitting .. ha ha fingers crossed .. and hopefully i'll get around to reading all your lovely blogs out there :)

Have a lovely evening all ... Mantha xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A BIG thank you to my bloggy friends ..

I want to start off by saying 'thank you' for all the lovely comments and well wishes for my OH .. so 'thank you' very much in deed, OH didn't realise that there were such lovely bloggy people out there, well there is, and there is something rather comforting knowing that there are decent people still about these days :)

So we have now received a letter and appointment for an MRI scan for March 2nd, OH has been reviewed and signed off for another 3 weeks, so we will have to wait and see what the scan reveals but an operation seems imminent.. just to add to the problems i had put off going to the doctors with a headache that i have been suffering with for going on 3 weeks, i finally went as i have been in agony at times, various medication and trips to the General Hospital later and i am now signed off for 2 weeks and awaiting a brain scan as i have swelling on the right side of my head...deary me we are all dropping to bits here at number 59 !!

Anyway musn't dwell to much, stay positive i say :)

So that is why i haven't blogged for a good old week so much going on - but fear not i will be back tomorrow with some makes, some pretties, and news of a giveaway me thinks :)

Stay warm and safe, we have been forecast more snow this evening, i don't mind really i quiet like snuggling up at home .. until tomorrow ..

Mantha xx