Friday, 25 February 2011

Oh dear ...

Well i managed to get out of bed after allot of oohs and ouches .. yes the fitness DVD has taken its toll on me .. my legs are so stiff i can hardly walk .. i can hardly lift my arms .. is this really good for the body ?... lord knows ... I'm convincing myself it must be :s

My eight year old even ran me a bath - i think he thought i was ill ... lol ... and to my delight my OH asked if i would be doing it again today !!! that will  be a no but maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

How much ... grrr

OK so its a lovely day here today very sunny and not too least that's a start in the right direction with the weather then..

On too bigger things .. hukhum that'l be me then yes its time to start getting a little fitter the weight has piled on since my wedding in July so i managed to get on the scales this morning ... 10st10lb O M G ... so out came Vicky's wow .. i know rather old now but this DVD really works for me.. So i managed it, boy did it kill me, but i am glad i made a start... why is it when you know you are trying to get fit and cut out all the bad and naughty things that all i am thinking about today is food .. sigh ..Anyhow i will carry on and post my weight next Thursday.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Well this is my first post ... fingers crossed people :)

Well hello world .. :)

Seeing as it has taken me an age to actually set this up and running i am determind to make sure i post and keep things going on here .. fingers crossed lol !! My new years resolutions are already failing so this one i am keeping on top of .. she says in the midst of the half term holidays .. hmm nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end then Sam...

So its sink or swim then ...