Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Friday, 18 March 2011

We could have had it all ...

Happy Friday Bloggy Peeps :)

Hope it  has been a good morning for you all ? 
Well off went the Litlun this morning dressed as a Ninja for Red Nose Day, we passed some very strange and imaginative looking Litluns this morning all dressed up and raising money for  Red Nose Day 2011...

So managed to get some more Cath Kidston Totes finished off this morning, I'm loving the mini totes in blue i think i may have to make a few more that size .. soo cute !!

L O V I N G  Adele 21 at the moment, i wasn't too keen when i first heard the album, but it is playing constantly in our home at the moment ...  :) I think our neighbours must be sick of it by now !

My lillies are coming on great i must plant them into their bigger pots at the weekend, i must say though they seem to love it in their ice cream tub and sawdust shavings ..

The Gladioli are just springing out of the soil too :)

Well off to work this afternoon, cant wait to finish this evening it has been a really busy week, i am constantly crafting, bagging up buttons, beads, notelet's, and sewing for all the up and coming craft fairs, as well as working, cooking, and all the cleaning that goes with it .. Im sure it will all be worth it in the end :s

Lots of buttons bagged and ready for new homes ... buy me buy me :)
Have a Great Friday Everyone

Sam xx

Monday, 14 March 2011

I rather like it in Red too :)

Ohh yummy yummy .. i could look at this all day !!!
What is your favourite?
Red or Blue?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

YAY A Giveaway !!

You know who you are my 1st follower has arrived .. i am super happy about that i hope you are enjoying my blog ? If you leave a comment or get in touch with an email address there will be some Cath Kidston Mini Noteletts coming your way ... Handmade by me of course ...  :)

And the same for my first Commenter ... thank's a bunch Donna ... i will message you so you know ... 


It's Turned Out Sunny :)

Ohh its turned out lovely here this morning after a down pour of rain it has cleared the way for a lovely morning..

Listed a few more Handmade Fabric Buttons this morning over in the Folksy Shop

Blue Polka Dot & Candy Fabric Covered Buttons 1.7cm x 4 £1.40

Red Multi Heart Fabric Covered Buttons 1.7cm x 4 £1.40

Purple & Multi Coloured Fabric Covered Buttons 1.7cm x 4 £1.40

Red Polka Dot & Candy Fabric Covered Buttons 1.7cm x 4 £1.40

How about some bright and breezy mini bunting ?

Rainbow felt bunting super soft and cute , great in the kiddies bedroom or add a touch of summer to the kitchen dresser.

£3.00 per metre in my folksy shop

And some beautiful Strawberry Blue and Red Retro Polka Dot recycled plastic bunting - i just love this one :)
£4.00(double sided)  per metre in my folksy shop

Happy days people :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Scrummy Buttons :)

Hello bloggy people ... look at these yummy buttons that i have listed today in my Folksy shop really summery and fun .. i think i will be using some of these myself :) and they only measure 1.7cm ... how cute ...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

1lb down :s

Well 1lb down this week, i could have tried harder i know but after doing the DVD last week i couldn't walk for 5 days lol ... so i probably should have tried a little harder but 1lb is 1lb right ?

Any how, back to this morning... ooh its cold today even a bit frosty this morning on the school run, its a good job all my bulbs are in the kitchen where they are nice and snug.

Take a look at this picture ... whoops this is the lounge this morning i couldn't face sitting upstairs with my sewing machine so i brought it down stairs and onto the coffee table and did a little sewing wile watching TV and drinking coffee ..shh .. don't tell OH ..

I have been stitching my Babushkas this morning they just need stuffing and stitching shut.. i just love these little dolls - super cute, i might make a few in taggie style for little fingers that like to twiddle ribbons :)

Just need to plump them up ... he he ...

And as if by magic here they are ... they will be in the shop later ..

Just one more lovely for today i just wipped up a bit of rainbow bunting - lovely in a nursery or small childs bedroom ... i think this may end up in the blue and red room later AKA sons bedroom !!


Have a great day bloggy people

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Boring afternoon - i'd rather be sewing :s

So after a fairly productive morning after getting home from the school run i managed to get two chili con carnes made up and into the freezer for OH dinners at work, made and baked a cheese pie for tea, prepared some vegetables, did a little ironing and went to the hairdressers..  This afternoon sucks !! its SO boring at work at the moment, so quiet, just me at the desk, i guess money is tight with people at the moment still, i know we have had to pull in a little, so lots of home baking and freezing to come i think! I have eggs to use to i may have to bake a rather lovely Victoria sponge after work this evening ... yummy ...

I have been blog reading since 2pm ... and thinking about what colour of felt to use on my Babushka Dolls this evening ...  :) ... i am hoping to get these in the shop soon along with a few needle cases, buttons and vintage feedsack that I have... I need to find some local craft fairs and get selling my handmade and vintage items and supplies. Any ideas people ?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy 1st March people ..

Well its that time of the year again .. thinking of potting up my lillies, Gladioli and plants ready for the coming spring and summer months...

This is always full of hope that spring is on its way ... Super sunny here today albeit alittle chilly but gorgeous :)

I promised my son that we will have a cinema night tonight so i have everything ready .. Popcorn , Pizza, Sweets, Cola, Cinema Tickets (printed them out) and a Torch to show all three of us to our seats lol .. should be fun .. we are watching Gremlins ... lol ... should be a great night !!

A little bit of Babushka in the post today ... just love this fabric .. Oh and some pretty ribbon off the market this morning ..

Happy March 1st Everyone  xx