Wednesday, 9 March 2011

YAY A Giveaway !!

You know who you are my 1st follower has arrived .. i am super happy about that i hope you are enjoying my blog ? If you leave a comment or get in touch with an email address there will be some Cath Kidston Mini Noteletts coming your way ... Handmade by me of course ...  :)

And the same for my first Commenter ... thank's a bunch Donna ... i will message you so you know ... 



  1. aww what a lovely idea!!..
    thanks for your comment over on my blog... my friday frocks tend to be either somthing ive bought this week or an outfit that ive put together in the week thats why they can be pretty varied!!
    look forward to reading more of your blog from now on!

  2. I just had to follow your blog - anyone that has a passion for buttons is pretty fabulous and well worth following :)

    Also, I love your piece on cornishware!

    Please check out my blog