About Me

Hi, if you are reading this then great, you have found me. I am a wife & mother, and a full time crafter ..( i wish ). A hoarder of junk my other half would say :) I have many interests that is good in one way & frustrating in another, if i was only interested in a few things then perhaps i wouldn't have so much stuff, but then again i am glad i can turn my hand to many crafts and i love them all. Some of the things i love to do are-creating shabby chic furniture, decoupage with cath kidston prints, illustrations & printed images onto note cards & stationary, salt dough, sewing ..  i do get the urge to get the machine out often, start one thing then another, there are many half finished projects on the go in my sewing stash ! i have a thing about ribbons, a stash so large but not in use at the moment! what else? collecting random & vintagey things that i just like, mostly these items come either in flowers, stripes or spots & as my son is growing up he seems to have had all the stripy shirts & jumpers in the world lol...I'm originally from the Isle of Wight so for me i will always be beach bound & hopefully in the not to distant future we will be relocating southwards to the lovely coasts of Devon or Cornwall, but for now i remain a Lancashire lass .. and i am proud of that too.