Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Death - Depression - & a PIF

Hello loveies, sorry about the horrid post title but well alot has been going on in my little northern terrace house this past month. We have had two very unexpected and suddern deaths in our family and it took its toll on all of us, so it was a very sorry time and we are all just about getting back to the norm now. Depression? well that will be me, i will tell you all a little story about our life, .. my son is now 10 and he is very precious to me, well us all i mean, but we could not conceive naturally and so my son was born by using a donor, for years we have wanted to expand our family but something has always come in the way, and so the years pass but still the burning need to have more children is in my mind, i forget about it for a while because i have to and then it comes back again...badly... so here we are again, and my worry is my son is now 10, im 33, and my periods are only here for a day ot two, which may be due to stress or something else. We do not qualify within the NHS for any treatment help so it comes down to the fact of us paying, and its alot of money to find, time and time again if it doesnt work- we just dont have the funds. Dont get me wrong i have my son, and its the world, but for him to have a brother or sister would be amazing and complete our family...hope i haven't bored you all? but hey ho, thats my little depression thingie at the moment.. And on to happier things a PIF Here are the rules: - i make a handmade gift for the first 3 people to comment - i have 365 days in which to send you the gift - the gift will be a total surprise - you keep this going by posting pay it forward on your blog Now then i have been working on some vintage sheet bunting, wooden shabby chic xmas signs, babushkas, lavender sachets and more so if you lik these type of things then please go ahead and leave a comment :) Much love Mantha xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gosh its cold

Cor blimey it is freezing ooop north this evening, heating is on, blankets are out and lots of brews have been made his evening!

Just thinking about Christmas, i have actually started early this year, i say it every year and never do it but i have sorted allot out already, and still intend to make a few quilts for my parents and the in laws for Christmas pressies.

On request i have started my Christmas list this evening

Its the OH's birthday tomorrow, so lots to look forward to, pressies, cake, and a meal out with the family :) Rite I'm off to watch a bit of TV , shuffle around some Halloween fabric ready to whip up a halloweeny quilt to snuggle under :) 01 02

Monday, 8 October 2012

Breakfast Pancakes

What a lovely morning it is up in Lancashire today. Our kitchen dresser was beaming with sunlight this morning ..  Bright sunshine albeit freezing cold..ooh you can really feel it this morning there is a definate nip in the air, i must admit i do like feeling and seeing the seasons and the months changing.

On this mornings dog walk to the park i could see that the trees were full of change, the leaves turning a shade of golden yellow and orange, makes my heart sing with joy..halloween is on its way..

And to finish off it was a treat of pancakes drizzled with fresh lemon and sugar this morning .. yum yum..

A late Saturday and Sunday post

Well on Saturday morning we were all very tired due to our neighbours having a generator running all night. I finally nodded off at 5am and it stopped at 6am, we were up for 8 as Saturdays are always busy. We dropped our son off for his Kickboxing lesson at 10am, we needed to do some chores in town as you do and returned home late afternoon to find that we couldn't get through our front gate as the electric board were digging up the front street and our electric was off. We didn't realise at first and when my OH went out side to question what was going on they replied with oh by the way your electric will be off all day! Needless to say the freezer had had it, i just can't believe that even our neighbours didn't say anything, and i thought the electric board would have had to notify us if they were planning to turn electric off ? .. ooh i was so mad! now they have left the mess and haven't even come back to sort it out!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Bingo & Bun Night

Its been a funny old day today, this house just seems to be busy busy busy all the time. I would love to have a few days away in a little cottage by the sea.

With lots of cosey cushions,blankets and eidys to snuggle into ... ah bliss :)

And not forgetting a lovely log fire and hot chocolate ..


My son goes to Scouts on a Friday night, next friday its Bingo and Bun night so it looks like i will need to get some baking supplies in this weekend ready for the night. Its a presentation evening where they raise money for the troup and / or charities and get presented with their new badges by the district commisioner. So lots to look forward to..nite all ..x..

Chopper Group .. Thursday


Hello my bloggy friends, i didn't post last night as on a Thursday night i go to Chopper Group .. its basicly a group of about 10 or so that meet at different pubs around Lancashire, then we ride around.. its a glorified pub crawl really!!
But i love it :)

Mine is a Mark 3 Limited Edition Ben Sherman, the gears are on the handlebars, and the frames are lighter. I would love an original Mark 1 or 2 but i will have to save up alot for one of those!!
We all rode the lights at Blackpool in August ... it was fab! thats me with the blonde hair taking a breather lol ..



Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Up at 2.30am, 3.30am, 4.30am, 5.30am, and 6.30am .. yep the LM in this house has caught a nasty sick bug, so until tomorow thats all i have time to post today, and we are all shattered! Hopefully tomorow will be brighter :) fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My goodness i have been so busy today i nearly forgot to post, its only day 2 of my post a day !! I have been making up 40 wedding day activity packs for two weddings coming up this saturday, i sell them on ebay along with my handmade shabby chic items and other bits and pieces.
All in all there are 5 A4 sheets to a pack, cut into 4, so 20 sheets all in all! so lots and lots of cutting.

The weather is awfull at the moment here in Lancashire, we have had a real down pour this evening, the front street was flooded within 10 minutes and the drains were overflowing .. thankfully we havent seen it so bad here as other places in the country.
Looking forward to a nice cup of tea now and a bloggy read.. nite all :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Well i have not blogged for such a long time due to many reasons, readers of my blog will know that we have had our fair share of health problems this year, but i am glad to say that we are all good and back on track :)

I am struggleing a little with this new bloggy format that has been changed since i last posted.. i do hope this post works !!

I was reading kelly's blog and she is offering a pif for her first 3 commenters on her new post, as she too had not blogged for a while. These 3 commenters will then need to do a pif in return on their blogs.

So i am pledging that i do a post a day for October, get back into the swing of things, i have missed blogging and have had so many things to blog about, i look forward to posting beautiful homely pictures now the weather is changing, lots of candles, warm puddings, and crafty makes. So for now my bloggy friends i will say night night for now, and see you all tomorrow :)


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bloggy Birthday ..1 today ..

Well i have only just realsied that it is 1 year today that i started this blog.. now then i haven't been that great at posting of late due to many things but i am going to be more bloggy friendly from now on :) ..

Have a great evening everyone
Mantha xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day :)

Good evening my bloggy friends .. first an apology, i was supposed to post a couple of weeks ago but my Internet has been down and what with the school half term and all the other problems i couldn't get on, since going wireless Mr Virgin Hub he has been very naughty indeed!! Anyways... thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishes for us at number 59 it really means allot, we have our appointments through and 'touch wood' both of us are feeling a little brighter :)

So pancake day is here, we love pancakes here, well LM and me do OH doesn't like them.. that seems very strange to me, i thought everyone loved pancakes lol ...

It was pancakes sprinkled with sugar, lemon, cream and sliced bananas for breakfast for the LM this morning and pancakes with sugar, lemon, cream and sprinkles for desert this evening yummy ..

Ive just had two with a cup of tea and really did enjoy them. LM and OH are upstairs playing so up went two hot chocolates before bed :) while mummy has a little time out down stairs :)

Now off to watch You Tube and try my hand at knitting .. ha ha fingers crossed .. and hopefully i'll get around to reading all your lovely blogs out there :)

Have a lovely evening all ... Mantha xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A BIG thank you to my bloggy friends ..

I want to start off by saying 'thank you' for all the lovely comments and well wishes for my OH .. so 'thank you' very much in deed, OH didn't realise that there were such lovely bloggy people out there, well there is, and there is something rather comforting knowing that there are decent people still about these days :)

So we have now received a letter and appointment for an MRI scan for March 2nd, OH has been reviewed and signed off for another 3 weeks, so we will have to wait and see what the scan reveals but an operation seems imminent.. just to add to the problems i had put off going to the doctors with a headache that i have been suffering with for going on 3 weeks, i finally went as i have been in agony at times, various medication and trips to the General Hospital later and i am now signed off for 2 weeks and awaiting a brain scan as i have swelling on the right side of my head...deary me we are all dropping to bits here at number 59 !!

Anyway musn't dwell to much, stay positive i say :)

So that is why i haven't blogged for a good old week so much going on - but fear not i will be back tomorrow with some makes, some pretties, and news of a giveaway me thinks :)

Stay warm and safe, we have been forecast more snow this evening, i don't mind really i quiet like snuggling up at home .. until tomorrow ..

Mantha xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Not Such A Wordless Wednesday After All ..

Oh deary me my bloggy friends, OH was in agony this morning, didn't sleep a wink last night, nor did i as i was awake all night too scared to move.

Managed to get an appointment with the doctors this morning and its not good news at all. We now have to wait for an appointment to be sent, god knows when that will be.. to go and have a scan done. Apparently it is looking like a prolapsed disc that will need an operation. To top it all of the doctor said quiet shockingly that if OH bowel movements change today or start loosing blood then we have to get to the emergency department ASAP..

All i can say is i am worried sick, OH is only just turned 30 and this is the 3rd time in a year that we have been up to the doctors with this complaint, they sent OH on a handling course last time for picking things up in the correct way !!!  Oooooh rant over.. so OH been signed off for 2 weeks and just waiting for more medication now, lets hope it helps with the pain.

Anyway lets hope my dearly beloved feels better soon - I Love You xoxoxo

Wordless Wednesday ..

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sneeky Peek .. A Cath Kidston Style Quilt

Good evening everyone .. Ok so here is a Lil snippet of my quilt that i am making for the spare bedroom. It is all fabrics that i had already in my stash so i just cut up matching pieces and randomly placed them in rows and stitched along the edges... i think it is going to look ok, just need to sew along the the lengths then so on ... but pleased with my progress so far ..
There is some Cath Kidston Rosali blue, Checks, random polka dots, red, pink and blue solids ..

I wanted to get the lengths sewed together today but my OH started with a sickness bug last night so had the day off work today which meant i have had no time to get it done. Ive still got the washing up to do from tea yet, so best get that sorted, then up to bed with a cuppa and a little more of a read before up for work at 7am. Oh and to top it all of OH's back has gone this evening..i tell ya it doesn't rain it pours in this house ...

Lets hope tomorrow is brighter, i hope so as we are supposed to be off to Manchester MEN to watch our son sing in the evening.. so i am crossing everything.

Mantha xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

A Monday Make ..

Hello my bloggy friends, well after a very hectic week last week i didn't manage to blog at all, we had a complete new boiler system fitted which seemed to disrupt the week.I did manage to get some of my quilt top pieced and sewed in strips, just the lengths to sew together and then the top is done, hopefully get that done tomorrow all being well.

So my Monday make for this week is some shabby chic twinkle twinkle little star hangers that a friend asked me to make for her..these always sell well at craft fairs ...

So there we are, perfect for hanging up in a nursery or little ones room.

Hope you all had a great weekend? I'm still recovering from a house warming party..haha.. i must remember that i am getting older now and drinking and playing party games until 2.30am before a 1 hour trip to get home is a bit much for me nowadays!! the 5 bottles of wine didn't help either ..
I'm off to bed now with a nice cup of tea and a read of my book..nanite everyone.

Mantha xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A quick make and new pj's

I was planning on starting my patchy quilt today, but like i said yesterday my mind wanders quiet frequently, yesterday i was playing about with my bunting and my mind wandered off and i started thinking about my feedsack stash ! So today i made two Cath Rosali cushions for the spare room .. quiet happy with them although i should have made the flap a little larger on the back, but the inserts are really fluffy so i think they are pulling a little, i might take some of the stuffing out so they not too springy .. anyway still pretty to look at.

I have pondered about getting some CK pyjamas but can't justify spending £50 on a pair when there is a house to run and a family to feed. Well seeing as there is a massive sale on i found these beauties...

and they are only £15 ... sooo ... they slipped into my basket, and i feel really guilty ? i dunno. I did have some christmas money but i said i would put it towards our summer hols this year as money is tight .. i will hide them away for a few weeks then get them out lol ..

Hope you are having a good Tuesday my bloggy friends?
Mantha xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

A Monday Make Tada and a Birthday ...

Firstly I just want to say Happy Birthday Sarah my big sister turned 42 today .. woohoo .. hope you have a great day honey love you loads x x x x

Ok back to my Monday Make hopefully I can keep this up and on every Monday I will show what I have made, I am hoping that this will keep me on track as I tend to let my mind wander off and start planning another crafty adventure before I have finished the 10 or more that i actually need to finish off i'm sure its not just me that does that, is it ?

See already I am thinking right, where have i put all that Vintage Feedsack .. deary me !!

Ok so here is my Tada ... Cath Kidston bunting that I have made for my two kitchen windows..

Bit of a wonky photo but never mind lol .. and i must show you this, I Love this picture it is a greetings card that I bought from Tesco, I put in a old pine frame that I had, it matches my bunting a treat, and I Love a cuppa, It must be Tea O'Clock ... Simple Pleasures Are The Best ... Go on then just a quick one before I go to work :)

Seeing as I will not get home till late this evening i have already prepared our tea, cauliflower cheese, green beans and savory rice .. yummy .. can't wait to come home wiz it in the microwave for 2 mins and sit down and catch up on a few bloggy reads..

Have a great Monday everyone :)
Mantha xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Follow RUPERT every morning ...

I needed a new calendar this year but didn't purchase one as i usually receive one or two for christmas but this year i didn't so i went down town after looking in several shops i couldn't see any, its like oh well christmas is over lets take all the calendar's and hide them away as no one will want one now Pfft !!
Anyhow i was in The Works and having a little mooch about and i happened upon this little fellow, now it was love at first sight, I love Rupert so this came home with me.

All the pictures are stunning and i really don't want to write on the pages .. i may have to buy another hehe..
January's picture is delightful ..

And come with this passage :

1971 page 115

Rupert made his first appearance in the Daily Express on 8 November 1920. He was drawn in black and white in the strip, but was shown in a blue jumper on early book covers. It was not long, however, before he donned his trademark red sweater which, together with his yellow check trousers and scarf, make him on of the most recognizable cartoon characters in Britain.

How lovely, im so so glad I purchased this, and i already cannot wait for Feburary's picture :)

Happy Sunday Everyone xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Show and Tell ...

Morning bloggers, so i was rather lucky this christmas Santa delivered lots of fantastic pressies.. i must have been a good girl :) ha ha more like my OH knows exactly what i love.. so i had lots of lovely Cath Kidston bits, books, purse, keyring, smellies,pencil case, mugs and a Kirstie Allsopp book .. i was so chuffed, as you can tell i love CK and i love to read.

My mum purchased the Kirstie book for me also but as i had already received it i ordered some other books that i wanted from Amazon and they arrived yesterday but as our mail box is so small i had to collect this morning from the Depot .. Cecelia Ahern, i have all her books now and they are a fantastic read.. my mum decided to keep the Kirstie book for out dad you may find a addiction starting lol .

So lots for me to be doing, or reading i should say..

Happy Friday Everyone xx