Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A quick make and new pj's

I was planning on starting my patchy quilt today, but like i said yesterday my mind wanders quiet frequently, yesterday i was playing about with my bunting and my mind wandered off and i started thinking about my feedsack stash ! So today i made two Cath Rosali cushions for the spare room .. quiet happy with them although i should have made the flap a little larger on the back, but the inserts are really fluffy so i think they are pulling a little, i might take some of the stuffing out so they not too springy .. anyway still pretty to look at.

I have pondered about getting some CK pyjamas but can't justify spending £50 on a pair when there is a house to run and a family to feed. Well seeing as there is a massive sale on i found these beauties...

and they are only £15 ... sooo ... they slipped into my basket, and i feel really guilty ? i dunno. I did have some christmas money but i said i would put it towards our summer hols this year as money is tight .. i will hide them away for a few weeks then get them out lol ..

Hope you are having a good Tuesday my bloggy friends?
Mantha xx


  1. Lovely choice of fabrics on the pillows you made.

    I had to ban myself from looking at the pretties on C.K site. we're On a tight budget ourselves, and i knew some thing could magic itself into the basket, put in my details and ooops get delivered all by accident of course. :)

    they are such lovely jammies though, plus i'm sure your helping with the economy by buying them. ;)so you did it for England if your hubby asks.

  2. I felt the same about CK pj's but was lucky enough to get some as a present one year and love them!

    Victoria xx