Sunday, 8 January 2012

Follow RUPERT every morning ...

I needed a new calendar this year but didn't purchase one as i usually receive one or two for christmas but this year i didn't so i went down town after looking in several shops i couldn't see any, its like oh well christmas is over lets take all the calendar's and hide them away as no one will want one now Pfft !!
Anyhow i was in The Works and having a little mooch about and i happened upon this little fellow, now it was love at first sight, I love Rupert so this came home with me.

All the pictures are stunning and i really don't want to write on the pages .. i may have to buy another hehe..
January's picture is delightful ..

And come with this passage :

1971 page 115

Rupert made his first appearance in the Daily Express on 8 November 1920. He was drawn in black and white in the strip, but was shown in a blue jumper on early book covers. It was not long, however, before he donned his trademark red sweater which, together with his yellow check trousers and scarf, make him on of the most recognizable cartoon characters in Britain.

How lovely, im so so glad I purchased this, and i already cannot wait for Feburary's picture :)

Happy Sunday Everyone xx

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  1. such a wonderful calender, lovely blog here, i will now follow it and catch up on postings ;0)x
    thank you kindly for your sweet message