Monday, 9 January 2012

A Monday Make Tada and a Birthday ...

Firstly I just want to say Happy Birthday Sarah my big sister turned 42 today .. woohoo .. hope you have a great day honey love you loads x x x x

Ok back to my Monday Make hopefully I can keep this up and on every Monday I will show what I have made, I am hoping that this will keep me on track as I tend to let my mind wander off and start planning another crafty adventure before I have finished the 10 or more that i actually need to finish off i'm sure its not just me that does that, is it ?

See already I am thinking right, where have i put all that Vintage Feedsack .. deary me !!

Ok so here is my Tada ... Cath Kidston bunting that I have made for my two kitchen windows..

Bit of a wonky photo but never mind lol .. and i must show you this, I Love this picture it is a greetings card that I bought from Tesco, I put in a old pine frame that I had, it matches my bunting a treat, and I Love a cuppa, It must be Tea O'Clock ... Simple Pleasures Are The Best ... Go on then just a quick one before I go to work :)

Seeing as I will not get home till late this evening i have already prepared our tea, cauliflower cheese, green beans and savory rice .. yummy .. can't wait to come home wiz it in the microwave for 2 mins and sit down and catch up on a few bloggy reads..

Have a great Monday everyone :)
Mantha xx


  1. Lovely bunting, what a nice idea to frame a window. x and thanks for your comment on our blogspot blog (chorley contemporary crafters) looking forward to your next Monday make.

  2. Love the bunting! It certainly brightens up your kitchen!

    Victoria xx

  3. Thank you for your comments it means alot xx