Thursday, 5 January 2012

Its Raining Its Pouring ... Brr

Morning bloggers, well i think i have fineally managed to sort out the nightmare of my blog hack and now all looks back to normal .. 'fingers crossed' so hopefully i can now keep on track and get back to blogging .

Weather is terrible up North today rain and hail pounding against the windows, grey sky's and really strong winds too. The Little Man went back to school yesterday and then we had a phone call - please can you pick LM as he has a stiff neck and feels sick !! so LM is home but feeling much better now, Mummy has a few erands to run this morning so we are off for a quick hour or so.

Wet and windy it was too down town we dashed about then came home and made mini chocolate cupcakes, played lego, and made a ladybird from air dry clay phew.. hopefully LM is back to school tomorrow .

And yummy they are too :)

Happy Thursday everyone xx

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