Monday, 8 October 2012

A late Saturday and Sunday post

Well on Saturday morning we were all very tired due to our neighbours having a generator running all night. I finally nodded off at 5am and it stopped at 6am, we were up for 8 as Saturdays are always busy. We dropped our son off for his Kickboxing lesson at 10am, we needed to do some chores in town as you do and returned home late afternoon to find that we couldn't get through our front gate as the electric board were digging up the front street and our electric was off. We didn't realise at first and when my OH went out side to question what was going on they replied with oh by the way your electric will be off all day! Needless to say the freezer had had it, i just can't believe that even our neighbours didn't say anything, and i thought the electric board would have had to notify us if they were planning to turn electric off ? .. ooh i was so mad! now they have left the mess and haven't even come back to sort it out!!

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