Monday, 1 October 2012

Well i have not blogged for such a long time due to many reasons, readers of my blog will know that we have had our fair share of health problems this year, but i am glad to say that we are all good and back on track :)

I am struggleing a little with this new bloggy format that has been changed since i last posted.. i do hope this post works !!

I was reading kelly's blog and she is offering a pif for her first 3 commenters on her new post, as she too had not blogged for a while. These 3 commenters will then need to do a pif in return on their blogs.

So i am pledging that i do a post a day for October, get back into the swing of things, i have missed blogging and have had so many things to blog about, i look forward to posting beautiful homely pictures now the weather is changing, lots of candles, warm puddings, and crafty makes. So for now my bloggy friends i will say night night for now, and see you all tomorrow :)


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