Thursday, 3 March 2011

1lb down :s

Well 1lb down this week, i could have tried harder i know but after doing the DVD last week i couldn't walk for 5 days lol ... so i probably should have tried a little harder but 1lb is 1lb right ?

Any how, back to this morning... ooh its cold today even a bit frosty this morning on the school run, its a good job all my bulbs are in the kitchen where they are nice and snug.

Take a look at this picture ... whoops this is the lounge this morning i couldn't face sitting upstairs with my sewing machine so i brought it down stairs and onto the coffee table and did a little sewing wile watching TV and drinking coffee ..shh .. don't tell OH ..

I have been stitching my Babushkas this morning they just need stuffing and stitching shut.. i just love these little dolls - super cute, i might make a few in taggie style for little fingers that like to twiddle ribbons :)

Just need to plump them up ... he he ...

And as if by magic here they are ... they will be in the shop later ..

Just one more lovely for today i just wipped up a bit of rainbow bunting - lovely in a nursery or small childs bedroom ... i think this may end up in the blue and red room later AKA sons bedroom !!


Have a great day bloggy people

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