Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Boring afternoon - i'd rather be sewing :s

So after a fairly productive morning after getting home from the school run i managed to get two chili con carnes made up and into the freezer for OH dinners at work, made and baked a cheese pie for tea, prepared some vegetables, did a little ironing and went to the hairdressers..  This afternoon sucks !! its SO boring at work at the moment, so quiet, just me at the desk, i guess money is tight with people at the moment still, i know we have had to pull in a little, so lots of home baking and freezing to come i think! I have eggs to use to i may have to bake a rather lovely Victoria sponge after work this evening ... yummy ...

I have been blog reading since 2pm ... and thinking about what colour of felt to use on my Babushka Dolls this evening ...  :) ... i am hoping to get these in the shop soon along with a few needle cases, buttons and vintage feedsack that I have... I need to find some local craft fairs and get selling my handmade and vintage items and supplies. Any ideas people ?

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