Friday, 18 March 2011

We could have had it all ...

Happy Friday Bloggy Peeps :)

Hope it  has been a good morning for you all ? 
Well off went the Litlun this morning dressed as a Ninja for Red Nose Day, we passed some very strange and imaginative looking Litluns this morning all dressed up and raising money for  Red Nose Day 2011...

So managed to get some more Cath Kidston Totes finished off this morning, I'm loving the mini totes in blue i think i may have to make a few more that size .. soo cute !!

L O V I N G  Adele 21 at the moment, i wasn't too keen when i first heard the album, but it is playing constantly in our home at the moment ...  :) I think our neighbours must be sick of it by now !

My lillies are coming on great i must plant them into their bigger pots at the weekend, i must say though they seem to love it in their ice cream tub and sawdust shavings ..

The Gladioli are just springing out of the soil too :)

Well off to work this afternoon, cant wait to finish this evening it has been a really busy week, i am constantly crafting, bagging up buttons, beads, notelet's, and sewing for all the up and coming craft fairs, as well as working, cooking, and all the cleaning that goes with it .. Im sure it will all be worth it in the end :s

Lots of buttons bagged and ready for new homes ... buy me buy me :)
Have a Great Friday Everyone

Sam xx

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