Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Where have i been ...

Hi bloggers ... my goodness its been a while ... much has happened in the household of recent weeks ..
But now its time to get back on track ..

From dementia to illness from the oldies and the litluns weve had it all ... even slipped disks!! But touch wood this week has been ok so far..  All we need now is the weather its rain rain rain here in Lancashire today YUK .. Well i feel like i am on it again now - back into the weight loss and fitness program i have been trying hard the past 3 weeks and have lost 9lbs so far and now weigh 10st 3lbs .. i will be happy at another 14lb down .. fingers crosssed but i do not intend to kill myself trying - its all healthy living from now on :)

The poor sewing machine has been waiting for me .. i have dusted her off and intend to get sewing this week, i have a few Cath Kidston totes to finish off and some pin pots that i started and yet to finish ! along with ten other items or so. Off to work this afternoon but have managed to bake a Quorn sheppards pie and a pile of veggies for tea when i get home this evening. . yummy !! 

I just checked my email and looked what was sat there ...

Wowzers - i want it - A DISPOSABLE POP UP PICNIC


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